On the Path to Becoming a Global Brand

"Vardar Holding's most valuable investment, Glint, is breaking records in exports. It will soon conquer the world."


Şahin Tuna Vardar is quintessentially an Izmir native; a businessperson and visionary deeply integrated with the city. Born and raised in the history-laden streets of Izmir, Vardar crowns his commitment to this city through his investments. Not only does he see Izmir as a place to live, but he also transforms it into a hub of the business world, achieving numerous successful projects under the umbrella of Vardar Holding.

With a limitless vision, Şahin Tuna Vardar prioritizes innovation and sustainability in his investments. His projects, which garner attention both in Turkey and globally, reinforce his successes by breaking sales records. This vast window that Vardar opens from Izmir to the world creates a broad impact not only economically but also socially and culturally.

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