Şahin Tuna Vardar: Winning an Award in America with Glint is My Biggest Dream

Setting out from Izmir and launching the ‘Glint’ brand in the cleaning sector, Şahin Tuna Vardar is progressing towards becoming a renowned brand first in Turkey, and then globally, with the plant-based products he produces.

Stating that GLINT is a healthy and practical non-corrosive plant-based cleaning product with an active ingredient of resin, which can be diluted with water and used on any surface, and works by reducing surface tension to make dirt and grease slide off, Şahin Tuna Vardar said, “It’s 100% locally and nationally produced. It is healthy and practical. It is formulated entirely from natural raw materials. It does not contain any chemical substances such as acid, caustic, phenol, phosphate, solvent, etc. In addition to cleaning, it has deodorizing and disinfectant properties. It is not harmful to the skin.”


Vardar, who noted that he founded Glint in 2012 and started sales in 2013, mentioned that they have completed nine years and want to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a big event. Sharing that his biggest dream is to win an award in America after Turkey, Şahin Tuna Vardar said that the award speech will be very special, and added, “Glint’s next hub will be America.”


Stating that Glint products are currently used in the USA, Vardar continued: “Our products are sold in many countries. But I want to crown this trade with an award. I am a marginal person. I work with a marginal marketing strategy. We advance with sponsorships. We are moving forward with a plant-based product in a highly chemical sector. We are changing the traditional cleaning style. We want to make a global impact with our plant-based products.”